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Orchard Rainbow is launched for stand out print


Every printer is looking for differentiation and Orchard Press in Tewkesbury has found it in offering a premium product. Orchard Rainbow adds green, orange and violet to the standard process colours to provide an exceptional stand-out quality.

“Orchard Rainbow has to be seen to be believed,” says Adrian Williams, managing director. “Vibrant, high impact and generated using a combination of hybrid and stochastic screening enables images to spring off the page, creating a visual image that no one can ignore. It will allow a print buyer to produce a brochure or books that can be more powerful, persuasive and life changing.”

Orchard developed Rainbow over a year ago and it does involve a lot of manual manipulation so to help enable the business to produce with ease and consistency Orchard Press is investing in Heidelberg’s Prinect Multicolor prepress software. The use of seven colours can allow printers to produce a wider colour gamut and to reproduce images as true to the original as possible. The result is high colour saturation, contrast, luminance and purity. Orchard will use Multicolour to help automate the enhanced process work; others use Multicolour for Pantone spot colours as well. Heidelberg will work alongside Orchard to develop a Print Colour Management process that enables Rainbow to be easier to manage going forward.

“Multicolor will make life easier and will automate the process to give us more consistency. We will not use it for Pantone colours but to enhance our process colour work. The beauty of the Orchard Rainbow product is that we can run it on our Speedmaster XL 106-10-P and use standard inks,” says Mr Williams.

Orchard Press will promote this premium product to its existing and potential new customers, using a brochure that compares standard and the Orchard Rainbow seven-colour option on both coated and uncoated material. Orchard believes that for right product, and especially for work on uncoated stocks, the immense lift that can be attained using the additional colours will make it irresistible to print buyers.

For further information please contact:
Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Paul Chamberlain, Heidelberg UK, on 07919-691073
Adrian Williams, Orchard Press, on 01684-850960

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