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Route One underpins growth with Speedmaster XL 106-8 LE-UV press buy


Just a year after adding a Speedmaster XL 75-10-P and retrofitting LE-UV to its Speedmaster SX 102-8P, Route One Print has returned to Heidelberg for a Speedmaster XL 106-8 LE-UV press. It will be commissioned later this month and in full production in early August.

This completes a £5m+ investment which has also included a Fujifilm Jet Press 720s, Scodix S75 and several new Horizon stitchliners

The new Speedmaster press will increase capacity for a company that has been placed in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 two years in succession, having had 42% year on year growth and with an ambition to continue that rate of expansion.

It is testament to the success of its first experience with the IST retrofit of LE-UV drying technology on the Speedmaster SX 102-8P that Route One has adopted a dedicated LE-UV press this time round.

Jack Wilmott, brand manager at Route One, says that the move to a 24 hour service would not have been possible without this quick dry technology. “By reducing drying times we’ve managed to greatly improve the throughput of jobs and work moves seamlessly from press to finishing departments. LE-UV eliminates marking or set off, even on uncoated stocks, and holds more vibrant colours,” he says.

The new press is highly specified press with a CutStar reel to sheet device, Inpress Control automated register and spectral measurement and Autoplate Pro. These are enhanced peak performance options that Route One has used before.

“Inpress Control is part of a closed loop colour system which underpins our ability to offer the trade reliable, consistent colour. Autoplate Pro reduces each makeready by about three minutes which amounts to five hours per 24 hours with an average of 100 makereadies a day. CutStar improves productivity through delivering a consistent feed of paper to press but it also enhances the cutting accuracy and allows us to produce perfectly consistent stacks to pass on to the guillotines; it massively increases our standards there,” says Jack.

The company batch produces jobs on standard stock ranges. The Speedmaster XL 106-8 LE-UV long perfector will predominantly handle runs of 500 to 5,000 and will produce flyers, business stationery and booklets on silk gloss and uncoated stocks for 90 to 350gsm.

Route One operates on a 24/6 weekly schedule to meet the needs of its customers. By having Heidelberg service contracts on all its presses, it knows it can operate at top performance and reliably deliver top quality print.

This trade printer is very marketing canny and its advisory booklets on selling print have been well received by the industry.

“We try to be more than just a high quality, low cost printer,” says Adam Carnell, managing director. “Many of our customers are from print backgrounds and know the difference between good and bad print so we have to meet their expectations first time, on time and every time. Part of how we do this is by staying at the forefront of technology and ensuring that we are running the best possible kit. This is the fifth press from Heidelberg in five years which is testament to how highly we rate them. They are our business partners, not just a supplier.”

For further information please contact:
Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Matt Rockley, Heidelberg UK, on 07899-662986
Adam Carnell, Route One Print, on 0114-294 5026.

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