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Buxton loved it and wanted more!


Just months after installing its first Stahlfolder KH 82, Buxton Press has put in an order for a second replica folder. It will be installed in January and from the start will run on a three shift system.

The company, which recently clocked up a phenomenal third Print Week Company of the Year Award, puts a great emphasis on production reliability and efficiency.

The KH82 with its ability to handle stocks as light as 65gsm is ideal for its magazine work. By having multiple folders, each can be used for 4pp, 8pp, 16pp or 32pp sections without too much change in machine formats. The additional capacity ensures there will be no bottlenecks as the company’s business grows.

The Tremat feeder, twin suction drum and adjustable side stops smooth the passage of work through the folder to minimise the risk of waste and marking. Buxton has been impressed with the Palamides stacker (now supplied by Heidelberg) on its first KH 82, which allows product to be offloaded in set quantities or by single sheet facility, and this will also be featured on the second installation.

Buxton has both Stahlfolder and MBO technology. “We constantly review the technology changes from manufacturer to manufacturer to assess what will best suit Buxton’s requirements at the time,” says Kirk Galloway, managing director. “Purchasing decisions are shaped by advances in technology at the time.”

This time round it has deemed the Stahlfolder KH82 combination folder the most appropriate technology, with its very fast set-ups, high running speeds and lower investment costs. The company’s skilled finishing specialists are now trained to the Stahlfolder KH82 technology so the additional machine will be very easily bedded in.

“With the volume of work produced to tight deadlines at Buxton we need a fast response to any technical or mechanical issues that may arise and we have found we receive a high level of support from the Heidelberg team,” says Kirk Galloway.

Buxton Press is based in the Derbyshire Peak District and handles over 600 magazine titles and outputs more than 54 million publications a year. It is dedicated to the cost effective, high quality production of short to medium run paginated work.

For further information please contact:

Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Ian Trengrouse, Heidelberg UK, on 07825-781483
Lindsay Frost, Buxton Press, on 01298-212016.

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