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Whittington Moor Replaces Two Ryobis with a Speedmaster XL 75


Chesterfield printers Whittington Moor Printing Works says it will save £10,000 a month in waste from September when its Speedmaster XL 75-5+L is delivered to replace two Ryobi presses, a B2 and a B3 model.

It has bought the Heidelberg B2 five-colour and coater with Inpress Control, for register and colour control, and Autoplate Pro, an automated and simultaneous plate changing device.

“We believe we can hit good sheets from about 30 copies compared to about 400 on our current technology,” says managing director Paul Gamble. “This investment is about reducing waste and increasing output. We took the equivalent of 19 hours of work for our Ryobi presses to the Heidelberg showroom in Brentford and the work was completed in six hours. It was productivity we saw again on site visits to Falkland Press and MPC Print Solutions.”

Mr Gamble has had experience of Heidelberg technology at previous companies. He knows the machines are robust and that the post-sales support is second to none, especially the response times on spare parts and service.

At Whittington Moor significant investment in digital and the faster makereadies on B2 press technology means that B3 litho has been squeezed out. This two for one press swap will still increase sheetfed capacity from 40 million to about 50+ million impressions a year.

“We looked very briefly at H-UV and LE-UV technology but with the output we required the running costs did not make commercial sense. We needed a highly specified conventional press,” says Mr Gamble.

The operators have been involved in the preparations ahead of installation in August. They have tried the press in the showroom and joined the management for the two site visits. They now know the power and capability of the Speedmaster technology.

Whittington Moor has been in business for over 80 years and provides comprehensive services at top quality and with a reputation for fast response. It has sheet and reel fed litho, digital and continuous printing services and comprehensive finishing and mailing services. The company handles commercial print, stationery and direct mail across a range of stocks and to meet varied budget needs. Its customer base covers, national commercial organisations, public sector, charities and print brokers.

For further information please contact:
Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Matt Rockley, Heidelberg UK, on 07899 662986
Paul Gamble, Whittington Moor Printing Works, on 01246-221892.

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