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Gerard Heanue visits Masterwork to discuss packaging products road map


Gerard Heanue, managing director of Heidelberg UK, has visited the main Masterwork Machinery factory in Beijing which he describes as “modern, well-organised and structured”. Formed 20 years ago Masterwork employs over 800 staff. He was warmly welcomed by Masterwork chairman Madam Li and chief executive officer Chua Liangsen.

It is six months since Heidelberg announced its partnership with Masterwork and the UK has been marketing the Diana X and new Diana Smart folder gluers and the first jointly developed die-cutter, the Promatrix 106CS. More developments are expected by Drupa.

“I was visiting to discuss the road map for Heidelberg Europe’s relationship with Masterwork. Working closely with Masterwork UK, we will offer customers in this market some new packaging products including a combined die-cutting/foiling line and also an offline inspection system. We have already proved our ability to sell effectively here with one order for a Diana Smart and another for the first Promatrix, both due to be announced shortly,” says Mr Heanue.

Masterwork recognises the huge opportunities it has in the global market, a chance to build on the success it has already achieved in its home market. Its ability to provide machines that can handle several processes in one pass will give it a key advantage over its competitors and solutions that will be welcomed by the packaging and printing sector. Masterwork is astute at monitoring and measuring social and cultural changes that alter the demand on packaging equipment suppliers and responding with appropriate technology. By working closely together, Masterwork and Heidelberg can ensure customers get first rate sales and service support and technical expertise.

Paul Thompson, who heads Heidelberg UK’s packaging postpress operations welcomes the development and says customers have good reason to welcome the success of the new partnership.

“Masterwork is a very dynamic company which has enjoyed great success in its huge domestic market,” he says. “Now with its access to Heidelberg’s global sales organisation it has the opportunity to extend its presence worldwide. The combination of the two company’s R&D teams and two business cultures has resulted in a highly creative partnership. In the UK we are supplying first rate products along with the comprehensive sales and support services that our customers want and expect.”

Hall 11 in Wiesloch, Heidelberg’s manufacturing base, is dedicated to packaging products. Masterwork branded products can be seen there and also Heidelberg’s prepress, press, workflow and consumables products, all working as a seamless whole. This is a demonstration and training site for packaging customers worldwide.

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