KWIX Co., Ltd., Aichi, Japan: Error rates drastically reduced in the integrated Prinect workflow.

We were able to improve three decisive aspects in our production with Prinect: error quote, efficiency and reliable figures.

Reducing error rates in output quality

  • We've managed to cut the number of quality defects from 15 to 2 with the new process. In particular, by integrating prepress and production workflow steps we've eliminated data errors caused by manual operation.
  • JDF-based automation enabled us to put that in place. We've fully optimized job reprinting and achieved zero-errors in job selection.
  • We've eliminated 80 % of the losses we were incurring due to human error in terms of wasted plates or post-exposures.

Improved efficiency

  • We've improved productivity while using fewer resources by automating data entry and impositioning and also by optimizing press make ready.
  • We've also boosted productivity by 30 % in prepress and press by replacing all manual inputs with automatic data capture for the integrated MIS.
  • This enabled us to increase productivity by 10 % across the whole workflow, including prepress, compared with the previous year.

Continuous improvement of KPIs

  • We've achieved big improvements in accounting by integrating the MIS with the profit and loss statement. Each of our business departments can now work on making periodic improvements based on clear KPIs.

Hiroshi Okamoto, Company President

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