Prinect Media Manager provides solution for growth segment of media-neutral publishing services.

The term multi-channel publishing services refers to the media-neutral processing of data and its distribution using various media channels, including print and online. These services are a growing market that opens up new business opportunities for print shops outside their conventional core markets. Print shops that are able to position themselves as media service providers and strong partners for cross-media collaboration can therefore open up a whole host of new opportunities. The new Prinect Media Manager from Heidelberg is a great help in this respect.

Prinect Media Manager is a media publication system for publishing identical information in different media channels. Media-neutral image, text, and video data is stored in a database and output for print and online media in an automated process. Any changes need to be made only once in the system. This ensures multi-channel publishing is efficient and cost-effective.

Prinect Media Manager can be integrated into existing Prinect solutions or used on a standalone basis. What’s more, additional modules are available that add functions such as a tablet shop or automation options. Heidelberg is providing potential customers with up-front support that includes comprehensive consulting and accompanying workshops during the introductory stage.

One of the first companies to use the Prinect Media Manager is BVD Druck+Verlag AG (BVD) in Liechtenstein. Founded in 1927, it specializes in high-quality advertising materials in short to medium runs. In recent years, BVD has focused increasingly on automated media publication to expand its future portfolio. Recently they installed the Prinect Media Manager from Heidelberg.

A pilot project involving a BVD customer aims to produce a campaign brochure from a database using a largely automated process and to distribute this in various languages via print and online channels. The customer stores its data in the central database of the Prinect Media Manager. Both it and BVD can access this data, so that changes only need to be made once and are then automatically adopted in all layouts. Unlike in the past, BVD is now involved from the creation stage and can speed up brochure production significantly.

"Here at BVD, we see promising business opportunities in multi-channel publishing solutions and in combining print and online services. The Prinect Media Manager now makes it both technically feasible and cost-effective for us to tap into this potential," says BVD Managing Director Peter Göppel.

Other companies use the advantage of the easy handling of voluminous projects: For example, Abus – one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of security solutions – uses the software to produce around 14 price lists each year, some of which are published in 15 languages and are up to 600 pages long. Web-to-print can also be used to output contents, all of which are available worldwide.

The Prinect Media Manager is ideal for print shops that produce catalogs or similar products and want their customers to benefit from multiple use of content across various media.

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