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Prinect Image Control 3.

Prinect Image Control 3 is the world's leading spectrophotometric measurement and control system for monitoring the entire printing process. The system's big advantage is that measurement is not restricted to the print control strip but covers the whole print image while at the same time providing automatic online control for all printing units. This minimizes color fluctuations and enables users to work with standardized, reproducible color values at all times. In conjunction with the Mini Spot workflow, Prinect Image Control 3 ensures reliable control of day-to-day print production. Detailed reports facilitate internal analyses and the provision of documentary evidence to customers. The color measurement system can be used for up to four presses at once.

General highlights
Fast and reliable coordination of the print job
Image control for the highest standards
Quality analysis of the OK sheet and ongoing process control
Comprehensive reporting
Effective color management
Netprofiler - the software for independent calibration
Product Guide (pdf)

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