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The launchpad for true-color production.

Prinect Easy Control.

The Standard Color Measurement System for Safeguarding Production

  • Spectrophotometric color measurement system for CMYK (process) and spot colors
  • Touch screen operation
  • Does not block the control station's working area
  • Online adjustment of the ink zones in up to six printing units in straight or perfecting mode
  • High measuring speed of 150 mm/sec (5.91 in/sec)
  • Displays densities, ΔD, L*a*b*, ΔE, slurring/doubling, dot gain, inking deviation, color difference ΔF, and color deviation that cannot be eliminated ΔE0
  • Print control strip can positioned freely on the sheet
  • Reliable measurement of sample colors for accurate reproduction

Prinect Easy Control is the ideal entry point into spectral measuring technology – easy to use, yet with the precision you would expect from Heidelberg. Prinect Easy Control is also the most economical system in its class. Job and color information are stored together and easy to recall for reprints at any time. The system is integrated into the press control station to save space. The printer can carry out checks without leaving his work station, and concentrate on print quality at all times. The high measuring speed of 150 mm/second ensures continuous productivity: an A3 sheet takes only three seconds to measure.

The ideal entry point into spectral measuring technology

High user-friendliness

  • Integrated into the machine control station of the press
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Does not block the control station’s working area
  • Displays density, L*a*b*, achievement of target color ΔE, dot gain, slurring/doubling, best match
  • Print control strips with measurement patch sizes of 5 mm x 6 mm or 5 mm x 4 mm available for download free of charge on the Internet – Prinect DIPCO elements
  • Common storage of job and color information for faster inking-up on repeat jobs

Short makeready times

  • Online adjustment of the ink zone motors on up to eight printing units in straight printing and in straight printing and perfecting mode
  • Horizontal movement of the measuring head is motorized, vertical adjustment is done manually with the assistance of an integrated laser pointer
  • Sheet fixing with gripper magnets and rollers under the measuring head
  • High measuring speed of 150 mm/second
  • Automatic recognition of the print control strip saves time and eliminates the need for manual assignment
  • Free positioning of the print control strip on the printed sheet (e.g. leading edge, center, trailing edge) for flexibility and material savings

High quality

  • Spectral color measurement and colorimetric control to achieve the visually best color adaptation
  • Reliable measurement of color samples for accurate reproduction
  • Archive with L*a*b* values for Pantone, Pantone Goe, Pantone Plus, and HKS make it much easier to achieve the target color
  • Archive for customer-specific color values strengthens customer loyalty through optimum repeatability of identical colors, e.g. CI colors
  • Color reports and customer certificates using the Analyze Point feature of the Prinect Pressroom Manager for comprehensive quality documentation, both internal and external

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