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Sungjeon & Hwasung Prinone Printing Company

Sungjeon & Hwasung Prinone Printing Company (called “Sungjeon”) is one of the top commercial printers in Korea who specializes in company’s catalogue, manual and children books. The company was established in 1993 with “Quality, Value, Customer” as management ideology and owns a mixed fleet of Heidelberg straight offset presses & competitive web and perfector press.

With growing business, Sungjeon wanted to invest in an additional press for their valued customers – to meet their requirements for consistent high quality print, quick turnover and timely delivery.

High quality print, ease of use and operator friendliness, saving of labor costs & wastage, high productivity with low cost of print, proven model and reliable service & spare parts backup were all equally important criteria for selecting the press.

On this deal, Heidelberg was up against a new Komori Lithrone 4/4 perfecting press. Due to limited budget and Komori’s low price offer, Heidelberg Korea offered a good condition, 4 year old pre-owned XL105-8-P with Inpress control devices. This machine was taken in trade by Heidelberg’s branch office in Germany on the sale of a new XL 106.

Sungjeon is very happy with the performance of their existing straight presses, XL105-4 and XL105-5 but have no experience with a Heidelberg perfector press. Heidelberg Korea arranged for Sungjeon to visit a customer site in Japan to see a peak performance XL105-8-P.

“We have evaluated other competitive brands too. Seeing the press in production convinced us that XL105-8-P is the right press to invest for our customers’ requirements. We have seen and simply love the performances of the press, our customers would like it too”.

Sungjeon enjoys peace of mind investing with Heidelberg. “Heidelberg Korea has been providing excellent service & parts backup for our existing straight presses. We can trust them to provide us with the same excellent backup on the pre-owned XL105-8-P”.

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