FilterStar and FilterStar Compact.

  • Two-stage fine filtration system that removes dirt particles as small as 1 micron
  • Suitable for alternating between UV and conventional operation
  • Typically lasts six to twelve months
  • CAN connection to the Prinect Press Center
  • Less frequent replacement of dampening solution cuts costs considerably
  • Key components for alcohol-reduced / alcohol-free printing

The Innovative Filtration System for Alcohol-Free Printing.

FilterStar is a two-stage fine filtration system for dampening solution that ensures consistently high print quality – irrespective of the solution’s age or condition. Thanks to this system, dampening solution needs to be replaced far less often. Instead of two to four weeks, it lasts four to twelve months, which reduces the frequency of costly dampening solution changes and ultimately makes the press more cost-efficient. FilterStar pumps the contaminated dampening solution from the main tank of a CombiStar or HydroStar into the pre-filters, where coarse impurities are removed. The main filter next separates extremely fine dirt particles as small as 1 micron. The cleaned dampening solution is then pumped back to the CombiStar or HydroStar unit.

This dampening solution filtration is a key component of the solutions for alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced printing. It plays an important role in protecting the environment by eliminating the use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and thus preventing the associated VOC emissions.

The high-performance entry-level system FilterStar Compact is a single-stage dampening solution filtration system housed in a compact console. As with FilterStar, the dampening solution is filtered in the bypass. The filters / filter cartridge used in FilterStar Compact can be replaced at any time on the fly for far shorter makeready times.

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