Speedmaster SX 74



Fully automatic plate changes minimize makeready times.

AutoPlate Pro can handle the plate change on a five-color press in less than 2 minutes. This time can be further reduced by adopting ink presetting data and through fast and easy ink changes using the ink fountain liner.




Ink change - faster, simpler and cleaner.

Ink fountain liner protects the ink fountain from pollution. The foil can be easily replaced without additional manual effort. In addition, the color jaws can be removed very simply. Parallel washup programs – monitored by the ink fountain sensor – shorten makeready times further.





Tried and tested technology.

After introduction of the launch of the Speedmaster SM 74 further innovations were continuously added so that the Speedmaster SM 74 was thus based on a worldwide tried and tested platform. Over 40,000 printing units installed are ample proof of this highly productive medium-format printing machine with innovative equipment.


Secure and standardized print production with color measurement systems from Heidelberg.

This type of ink control is crucial in ensuring that our color measurement systems hit the colors more exactly. This is because unlike density control, where the adjustment of the ink zone motors is based exclusively on the measured difference in density, we are calculating the adjustment from the colorimetric, i.e. the visually visible, difference. This difference is visible.. Because the color can look different even if the density is the same. Only colorimetric control enables stable control of pastel tones or direct notice of ink soiling right up to the accidental use of the wrong ink.




Reducing the alcohol content from ten to three percent.

In alcohol-reduced printing the positive effects for man and the environment prevail. Harmful emissions are avoided and the ambient conditions in the pressroom improved – a significant advantage when it comes to the health of your employees. The reduced alcohol content also generated considerable cost-saving potentials.




Automatic washup devices – demand-based and programmable.

Automatic inking roller washup devices and program-controlled washup devices for blanket and impression cylinder ensure best washup results.

Ease of operation and economical usage of washup fluids in combination with application-specific washup programs stand for economic production. Through the use of environmentally friendly detergents the environmental balance is also improved.



Save time – automatically.

Prinect Press Center 2 control station with intuitive operator guidance system Intellistart for fast and process-oriented setup and extremely user-friendly operation. Freely accessible gallery offers space, comfort, and safety for all tasks that have to be carried out.



The Speedmaster SX 74 sets new standards.

Invest in a press that is both powerful and proven: with short makeready times, printing speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, and optionally with coating unit, perfecting press, or UV technology, the Speedmaster SX 74 is designed for high productivity at all times.



UV solutions such as LE UV offer benefits for commercial printers.

Increased productivity thanks to short drying time, extended product portfolio as well as production reliability and maximum quality maintaining competitiveness.



Ease of use.

Intellistart reduces distances between control station and printing press, as well as downtimes.

Compared to setup without Intellistart, operating steps are reduced by 70 % on average, depending on the complexity of the job change (see charts).



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