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Uniqueness is a strong sales argument. But how can mass-produced items be transformed into individual custom-printed products or sought-after gift ideas? Quite simply with the Omnifire product family from Heidelberg — either directly in production or on the move, where the customer wants.

Consumers are at the end of the food chain, and their hunger is insatiable. But they’re also pretty selective. They certainly don’t like everything the market puts before them. Yet if the menu is put together specially for them, there’s an excellent chance they’ll want another helping.

The chefs in the consumer goods industry are thus faced with the challenge of delivering a constant stream of innovations, and rely on short lists of ingredients and short preparation times. The Omnifire from Heidelberg is fast proving to be the icing on the cake in this recipe for success, as it takes the finished product one step further and enhances it with a very personal touch.

This is made possible by the Omnifire’s 4D printing system. This system combines state-of-the-art inkjet technology with high-precision robotics and transforms almost all kinds of three-dimensional objects into personalized and sought-after individual products in next to no time. And it does so wherever the customer wants — either fully integrated into the production chain or “live” in the sales room with the end consumer looking on.

Depending on the application, the Omnifire prints spherical or cylindrical objects with one to four colors, opaque white, and an optional protective coating. Coordinated consumables ensure perfect adhesion and rub resistance on smooth and rough surfaces. The work involved in personalization is reduced to a minimum. This can even be carried out in the shop with the customer watching, to see how the product printed with his idea turns into a unique item.

Depending on the business idea and the requirements, this doesn’t just create individual products such as custom-printed balls, shoes, cups, helmets, surfboards, and packaging. Series products can also be decorated flexibly in virtually no time at all, whether these are items of electrical equipment, vehicle parts or even aircraft.

Different language versions, model-specific variants, and a variety of designs — the Omnifire from Heidelberg moves the world of printing away from paper and into areas where completely new marketing and business ideas are possible. The digital printing system from Heidelberg is also an interesting alternative to conventional methods, as the process isn’t just far more flexible and faster. It also offers more design freedom for implementing new creative ideas on demand or during the production process.

The key features in 15 seconds

A new dimension in printing — the Omnifire from Heidelberg combines inkjet technology and robotics. The digital printing system from Heidelberg enables virtually any items to be personalized and thus opens up new business opportunities for print shops, industry, and the trade sector.

  • Personalization on demand
  • Spherical and cylindrical objects with a diameter of 0.4–11.8 inches (10–300 mm) (Omnifire 250)
  • Any geometries, with a width of up to 19.6 inches (500 mm) (Omnifire 1000)
  • One to four colors, opaque white, protective coating optional
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Very low unit quantities and personalization for batches as low as one
  • No foils, makeready, or manual work

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