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Duopress 106 FCSB

The Duopress 106 FCSB manages hot foil stamping, die cutting, stripping and blanking in one single production process. Therefore this machine is suitable for the demanding cosmetic sector and cigarette industry, for packages of classy confectionery or liquor and other folding boxes, which like to promote the high-quality of its inside product at the point-of-sale.

Beside the hot foil stamping possibilities this machine is also capable to do precise hologram stamping.

The Duopress is a unique die-cutting machine with two cutting stations; at which the first station is usually used for hot foil stamping. The Duopress 106 FCSB is one of four machines from the Duopress-series: Duopress 106 CS, Duopress 106 FC, Duopress 106 FCS, Duopress 106 FCSB.

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