Easygluer 100.

  • The Easygluer 100 is designed to meet these requirements.
  • With a maximum speed of 300 meters per minute (984 feet and 3 inches per minute) you can produce up to 40,000 lockbottom cartons per hour.
  • The Easygluer 100 can be ergonomically operated via remote control, which saves time moving between different sections of the machine.
  • The optional blank alignment module means it is no longer necessary to make fine adjustments on the feeder, and significantly cuts set-up times.
  • With the Easygluer 100 you can process a wide range of different materials and formats in high quality and without having to worry about production reliability.
  • The standard equipment alone is able to glue straightline, lockbottom and double-wall cartons.

The All-Round Machine for Professional Folding Carton Production

The Easygluer 100 was designed as a universal machine for professional applications. Even the standard configuration can output up to 40,000 lock bottom cartons per hour at speeds as fast as 300 meters (just under 1,000 feet) per minute, in addition to producing straight-line and double-wall cartons. The option of extending its capabilities to four and six-corner collapsible cartons and adding special tools also makes it possible to tap into the market for special packages and CD covers. The folding unit is 2.9 meters (9 feet 7 inches) long and designed to ensure gentle folding. The Easygluer 100 is equipped with a touchscreen at the transfer station, supplemented by a wireless remote control unit. This makes the machine easier to operate and minimizes makeready times.

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