Diana Braille Module.

  • Braille embossing tool can be positioned along the entire working width
  • Braille applications possible on all carton areas
  • Several Braille embossing tools can be used in parallel
  • High productivity as a result of optimum number of embossing areas on the Braille embossing metal sheet
  • Braille embossing tools can also be set up outside the machine
  • Reliable carton transportation at the embossing stage
  • Inbuilt embossing quality control

A Module for all Braille Requirements

The Diana Braille module expands the possibilities of your folding carton gluing machine. Diana Braille applications enable reliable and efficient processing of every job, whatever demands the folding carton layout places on the position and scale of embossing. Two independent servo drives control the Braille embossing tools with great precision even at high speeds, delivering accurate and standard- compliant Braille embossing quality throughout. The Diana Braille module is a cost-effective and flexible solution for all requirements in cutting-edge and complex folding carton production. This enables you to not only stand out from the crowd but also achieve a sustainable expansion in your manufacturing base. Braille applications have long been essential in numerous attractive areas of industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Diversity and precision.

The Diana Braille module enables you to emboss all carton areas, thus making Braille applications possible anywhere on the carton. Several Braille embossing tools can also be used in parallel in a single Diana Braille module, allowing simultaneous embossing of more than one area. Braille embossing tools can be positioned along the entire working width. High flexibility is also a key feature in terms of text length, with up to 57 Braille characters, or four or five lines, possible per die plate. Up to three areas per Braille embossing metal sheet also maximize productivity.

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