Speedmaster XL 105 5+L and Speedmaster XL 105-6-P+L. A new level of productivity and quality thanks to the Peak Performance class from the Speedmaster series.

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“We were completely blown away by the productivity and quality the Speedmaster XL technology could deliver,” says Michio Kawasaki, Chairman of the Management Board of Brazilian packaging print shop Kawagraf. “In 2008, we decided to invest in new presses, so as to increase our production capacities. We hadn’t actually planned on changing our supplier, but the press really impressed us. After a very short time, the Speedmaster XL 105 had even exceeded our expectations. It has lifted our print shop to a whole new level of productivity and quality. We were able to win new customers and expand our field of business. Just one year later, we invested in the second Speedmaster XL 105, a six-color perfecting press with coating unit.”

The Kawagraf Embalagens packaging print shop came second in the “Be unbeatable. Be a Speedmaster.” video competition. It is based in Guarulhos, a city with a population of around 1,200,000 that is part of the São Paulo metropolitan area. The print shop serves customers from a wide range of sectors, including cosmetics, fashion, health, electronics and automotive. Kawagraf takes care of the entire production process for its customers – from creation and development right through to the finished folding cartons.

“The print market is currently undergoing a difficult process, with tough competition and shrinking margins. We have developed new niche markets, and are investing in developing products with additional added value,” says Managing Director Nicky Kawasaki, explaining Kawagraf’s growth strategy. “Along with all the advantages the unbeatable Speedmaster technology provides for us, we have in Heidelberg a reliable partner who will stand by us as we develop. We have great faith in the service Heidelberg provides, which will ensure that our equipment always delivers the highest output – without unexpected downtimes or losses in terms of quality or delivery times.”

Kawagraf, BR

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