Speedmaster XL 75-5+L Anicolor 2. Faster completion and delivery of printed material thanks to the latest Anicolor technology combined with UV printing.

Offering added value with a great price/performance ratio.

“We are excited about the arrival of our latest purchase,” says Wouter van As, Managing Director of the Van As printing company in the Netherlands.

“The new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2 offers us many more possibilities for printing materials in the 50×70 cm format range. For example, we’ll be able to process a wider range of substrates, including self-adhesive materials, statically charged paper, and different types of plastics,” continues Van As.

Shorter throughput times, faster color changes, and 90% less start-up waste – these are just some benefits that now enable the company to offer its customers significant added value based on a great price/performance ratio. But this is not just true of its own customer relationships. Competitors also benefit from the new possibilities offered by the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor press, and often pass their jobs on to Van As as a way of remaining competitive.

Leendert van As, Head of Production and Technology, adds: “On our new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor five-color press we print UV inks using very little energy. This means that neither heat nor ozone are released, which protects our environment.” One thing that is extremely important and ought to be obvious is that the sheets are dry when they come out of the printing press. “This is definitely a decisive factor these days,” says van As.

For van As, the main benefits of the newer generation of the Anicolor technology are the increased density adjustment range and the associated increased productivity. The setting options and ease of use have also improved significantly compared with the predecessor technology, and receive special mention. “All in all, we can now offer our customers a much better service,” says van As.

VAN AS, Netherlands

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