Gruppa M.

Speedmaster XL 75-4 and Speedmaster XL 75-4+L. For Russian web-to-print print shop Gruppa M, the Speedmaster is without doubt the best press on the market.

Tested and found to be the best

Having installed a first Speedmaster XL 75-4+L in its pressroom in 2010, Gruppa M was in no doubt which manufacturer to choose when it came to purchasing another press just one year later. “In our opinion, the Speedmaster is simply the best. Once we’d installed the first press, we didn’t even bother considering other manufacturers. The Speedmaster eliminated all our previous problems such as scratches and ghosting,” explains Gruppa M’s Managing Director Daniil Tretyakov. Having also purchased a further XL 75-4+L, the web-to-print print shop now has three Speedmaster presses in permanent operation.

Founded in St. Petersburg in 2000 and operating in two shifts, Gruppa M has a customer base that includes advertising agencies, print buyers, and private customers. Thanks to the Speedmaster presses, production volumes are now virtually unlimited. Since the second Speedmaster XL 75-4 was installed, for example, it has printed no fewer than 85 million sheets!

Based on Gruppa M’s business model, the average run length is around 1,000 sheets. This naturally means a great many job changes – approximately 40 to 50 per shift. Despite this, setup times of just seven minutes on the Speedmaster XL 75 presses still ensure maximum productivity. “During any given shift, we produce all kinds of jobs at a constant speed of 15,000 sheets per hour*. That gives us an edge over the competition,” stresses Tretyakov, pinpointing his recipe for success.

*The Speedmaster XL 75 is available with two print speeds – 15,000 sph and 18,000 sph.

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