Alwa & Deil.

Speedmaster SX 74-4-P. Cost-efficient production, even with short runs and frequent job changes.

A versatile machine

“The Speedmaster SX 74-4 with perfecting fits our business model like a glove, and helps us to hold our own as a service provider in the current competitive landscape. The technology used in the press means we can produce even short runs with frequent job changes cost-effectively,” says Martin Stumfoll, Managing Director of Alwa & Deil, succinctly. “The Speedmaster SX 74 is a real all-rounder. It gives us the flexibility we need to continue our growth trajectory of recent years. With the adjustable transfer cylinders, we’ve found a solution that makes it easier to switch between thing and very thick substrates,” he explains.

Alwa & Deil has around 20 employees. As a full-service operation, the print shop offers everything from graphics to further processing. It was an early adopter of digital printing, and today around one quarter of its revenues come from services and products for digital printing. As far as Martin Stumfoll is concerned, it is precisely the combination of digital and offset printing and the resulting wide range that is to thank for Alwa & Deil’s success.

“We really like the high level of automation of the Speedmaster SX 74,” says Martin Stumfoll. ”Its attractive price/performance ratio delivers cost-effective operation even with single-shift use. The press is equipped with Prinect Axis Control to ensure continuous quality, which means we get constant and documentable quality from the first sheet to the last.“ Martin Stumfoll continues: “Another impressive feature for us is the fact that the Speedmaster SX 74 can also produce up to 15,000 sheets per hour in perfecting mode. The perfecting press has the ideal configuration for us, since we’re still printing lots of two-color jobs alongside the four-color jobs.“

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