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JP Printing.

JP Printing is the first company in Australia to order a Speedmaster SX 52 press - the new press from Heidelberg that combines the innovative and future-oriented technology of the XL range with the successful Speedmaster SM platform.

Owner Ray Stafrace signed up for the highly automated two-color press, a press he says will "double our production power". He talks about the motivation for the purchase and how this press, together with a new Speedmaster 52 five-color, will impact the company.

A general commercial printer for the A3 market, JP Printing is a family-run business that has been in operation for three generations. Since Ray took over from his father some years ago the company has adopted a philosophy of upgrading equipment on a regular basis.

"I am very aware of the need to keep moving with the times and investing in equipment that will help to drive sales and also improve production efficiencies. We are a small operation that has built a reputation on service and quality. To maintain these high standards and remain competitive we need to work with the most advanced equipment that we can afford."

Ray says his relationship with Heidelberg is based on this understanding and the advice he has been given in the past has proven to him that Heidelberg is a valuable partner. "Heidelberg has always worked with us to ensure we have the right equipment to enable us to meet the shifts in market demands and sustain growth".

Last year JP Printing moved into a larger premises in the northern Melbourne suburb of Campbellfield in order to expand floor space and to present a more modern image to corporate clients. "The timing was right for us to also purchase new equipment," he says.

"We've chosen the SX 52 two-color and we've also taken the opportunity to upgrade from a four-color press to a new Speedmaster 52 five-color, which will allow us to do spot colors and varnish, something our customers have been asking for. These two machines hold hands and will provide us with the right solutions to produce the work we currently have and also accommodate future growth."

Ray says the combination of both machines will "increase productivity by 200 percent, help us to reduce overtime and allow us to cut back on the 15 hour days that we often put in. The SX 52 press takes us to a new level - it is fully automated, incredibly fast and the quality is a real step forward. Combined with the Speedmaster 52 we will have greater flexibility to tackle a bigger variety of jobs".

In conclusion he says his relationship with Heidelberg is not dissimilar to the relationships he enjoys with his customers. "It is a true partnership where personal one on one customer service is the key to continued success. We value the personal approach. If it wasn't like that, we wouldn't be doing business with them".

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