Patsons Press Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA, USA.

With a need to eliminate waste and reduce labor costs, Patsons Press was looking for a sustainable solution to increase efficiency across its shop. After outlining the desired business requirements, the Silicon Valley commercial printer found Heidelberg’s Suprasetter A106 CtP platesetter and Saphira ND 100 Plates to be the perfect match.

Twelve years after installing its last platesetter, the company was looking for four key things:

  • Bulletproof hardware with the ability to automatically feed two different plate sizes
  • Stable and predictable high-quality on-press production
  • An environmentally responsible solution that eliminated chemicals and cleanup
  • Cost-effective plates and responsive customer support

“We’re experiencing 10% faster roll-ups onto press,” says Joe Dellamano, VP of operations. “We’re saving time and reducing labor costs by not having to clean the machine each month. The increased efficiency in throughput in prepress and press leave our operators happy, and the smaller footprint boosts morale across the company.”

Eliminating chemical waste for Patsons Press, the Suprasetter A106 is a fully automatic plating system delivering high performance for medium formats with maximum production capabilities and a reliable laser system.

“[With our older system], as chemistry started to get weak towards the end of the cycle, there was degradation in the quality of the output,” recalls Dellamano.”The uniformity and the quality of the A106 is much more stable and reliable.”

“The [Saphira ND 100] plates have provided faster throughput for plate making and because they are punched, we have faster set-up on the press,” explains Dellamano. “The plates are chemistry free and very low maintenance compared to our previous plating system.”

The Saphira ND 100 Plate is optimized for direct-on-press capability allowing plates to be mounted directly on the press after imaging. With the ND 100 Plate, there is no need for a processor or clean-out unit, which means no waste or maintenance.

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