Fully equipped with the technology of a high-end machine

The Suprasetter A75, which is fully equipped with the technology of a high-end machine, offers outstanding performance features.

Low consumption for the benefit of the environment: The Suprasetter A75 has the lowest energy usage in its class and it has the lowest heat output. This also has a positive effect on the energy balance. There is no need for additional air-conditioning at up to 30 degree Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit) ambient temperature. The minimal electricity requirement provides substantial long term, cost savings along with being environmentally friendly.

Can be configured for various thermal plates: The Suprasetter A75 offers the right configuration for every type of plates. For example, an online processor can be connected for conventional thermal plates, a clean out unit for chemical-free thermal plates as well as a plate stacker for process-free thermal plates.

At a glance

  • The most space-saving and successful CtP Platesetter in its class
  • Configurable for conventional, processless and chemical-free thermal plates
  • Low in energy consumption – high in eco-friendliness
  • Operational within a day

Key features

Laser technology by Heidelberg

A Suprasetter A75 uses the same proven laser technology as all the other models in the Suprasetter series. Production reliability is ensured through the Intteligent Diode System (IDS). This means that if a diode fails, operation can continue. The laser systems developed exclusively by Heidelberg deliver reliable imaging quality.

Compact full automation for small and medium formats

With the option Dual Top Loader (DTL), a manual Suprasetter A75 provides fully automated plate loading with slip sheet removal. This loader module can be easily installed on the basic unit. Due to an additionally integrated tray, the Dual Top Loader (DTL) offers two different plate formats (2-up and 4-up) in parallel for completely automatic changing. The investment in a DTL pays off in no time due to mostly unattended operation.

Highest punching accuracy

Suprasetter can be optionally equipped with highly accurate internal punching systems. The punched plates provide maximum register accuracy. This reduces press makeready times which also minimizes waste.

Debris Removal System

The Debris Removal System is an optional vacuum and filtration system that removes loose particles and dust. When fitted with this option, the Suprasetter A75 is also fully equipped to process ablative plates.

Technical data

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