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Saphira Low Energy & LED UV Consumables.

  • Print product dries immediately and goes straight to postpress
  • Suitable for paper, plastic, foil or metalized paper
  • Curing without a high level of heat and thus no distortion of plastics
  • Faster throughput times reduce storage and logistical requirements
  • Emission-, odor-, and ozone-free

Optimum drying ensures perfect results.

Heidelberg offers the appropriate consumables for Low Energy UV and LED UV dryer technologies. All consumables such as inks, coatings, dampening and washup solutions, and blankets are perfectly coordinated. Saphira inks and coatings are also optimized for the ideal wavelength range of dryers. Immediate sheet drying reduces powdering, while poor stacking of tricky substrates is eliminated.

Low Energy UV and LED UV dryer technologies boost productivity per job. Shorter throughput times cut storage space requirements and logistical outlay. Print shops can thus respond more quickly and flexibly.

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You’re sure to have questions about the new Low Energy and LED UV technologies. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive consulting service where we work with you to identify the Low Energy and LED UV consumables that best meet your needs.

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