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Heidelberg’s US Demo Center Expands Training Offerings for Customers


Kennesaw, Ga. – In an effort to enhance customer experience, Heidelberg’s Print Media Center in Atlanta (PMC ATL) will add training courses at their North American location. In the month of February, Heidelberg has two training courses scheduled for Idealliance G7® Certification and Stahlfolder performance.

“We are pleased to be able to offer training for our customers and industry organizations, along with continued internal training on state-of-the-art equipment here at the PMC Atlanta,” said Errol Moebius, Director of PMC Atlanta. “By having the latest equipment, software, consumables, and services available, we will continue to develop training programs to suit the changing market needs.”

PMC ATL Hosts Idealliance G7 Expert and Professional Training Class

Kicking off PMC ATL’s shift to become more than just a demo center, it will host Idealliance’s G7 Training from February 6-8. Idealliance created G7 as an industry-leading set of specifications in order to achieve color consistency throughout all print processes. The method targets gray balance, is used to consistently hit desired color targets, and ensures a similar appearance amongst several different devices.

“Idealliance is proud to have Heidelberg host a G7 Expert & Professional training class,” said Jordan Gorski, Project Manager of Certification Programs at Idealliance. “As an industry leader in commercial and packaging printing, we’re proud to give attendees the opportunity to learn in a world class facility with cutting edge print technology.”

The training class will certify participants as “G7 Experts” and “G7 Professionals.” G7 Certification is ideal for professionals who want to further their personal knowledge and skillset by becoming certified in G7 methodology for printing and proofing equipment. These individuals are certified in the field of color management, processing and quality control utilizing G7 methodology. Training is led by industry-leading instructors through practical hands-on experience. Certification is good for 2 years.

To register for the event, click here.

Expanding Customer Knowledge through Postpress Training Courses

In order to refresh and expand operators’ finishing knowledge and maximize their productivity, PMC ATL also now offers training on postpress equipment. Moebius explains that Heidelberg’s Postpress Application Specialist, Eberhard Weinzierl, offers three different courses: Power Basic Folding, Power Performance Signature Folding, and Power Commercial Folding. Each month, Weinzierl will teach one course for three days and cover both manual and automated folders.

From February 20th to the 22nd, PMC ATL will be holding the next Power Performance Signature Folding class. This course allows participants to experience the impact of paper weight, grade and format on each of our three folders, from industrial to commercial, with specific emphasis on 16-page signatures. The class is focused on maximum take-home value for the operator – for example, fold preparation with scoring and perforating wheels and other high performance blades is discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring samples from their shops— this allows operators who run older or non-Stahlfolder equipment to gain a general knowledge that can be used every day.

For more information, click here.

PMC ATL is looking to increase the number of training classes for their full range of equipment in addition to partnering with more organizations, like Idealliance, for training courses. If you would like to partner with us or have any questions about our training classes, please contact Errol Moebius.

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