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eDOC extends successful strategic partnership with Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 and Suprasetter 106


Kennesaw, Ga., eDOC Communications (Illinois) has doubled its plate capacity with the recent installation of a Suprasetter 106 Dual Cassette Loader (DCL). The new CtP device is the latest extension of its strategic partnership with Heidelberg — an intentional relationship designed to optimize integration and push the company towards its business goals.

“The fully automatic system, coupled with the ability to process two different [Saphira] plate sizes, allows for us to not only increase our capacity, but also free up employees to dedicate more time toward initiatives such as proofing and quality assurance,” said Glenn Grendzinski, Vice President of Operations. “This device also introduces us to plate-on-demand, which is a tremendous efficiency when we have issues. The operator can generate a plate replacement at the highest priority without breaking from the press console.”

Integrated for Success

The Illinois printer was exclusively a digital printer until 2003, when requests from customers for offset services eventually led to the installation of a Speedmaster XL 105. The six-color press was the perfect complement to its existing digital capabilities, and coupled with additional Heidelberg presses, now accounts for about 60% of the plant’s volume.

The most recent addition to its offset department is a Speedmaster CD 102 with X-Package — installed last year (replacing an older Heidelberg perfecting press). With an annual capacity of around 50 million sheets, the CD 102-X increases productivity 45% compared to older generation CDs and new competitive presses.

According to President Mike Frank, the five-color press has helped increase capacity, broaden substrate capabilities (up to 40pt board) and boost efficiencies. “Our makereadies are a fraction of what they were before and the ability to run at 15,000 sheets an hour has significantly improved our productivity. When we first installed the machine, we ran one shift, five days a week. We now schedule shifts 24/7 resulting in an increase in speed, capacity, revenue and profits.”

As a part of the strategic alliance with Heidelberg, eDOC has fully integrated its shop with a range of Heidelberg products in prepress, press and postpress including POLAR cutters, a POLAR Pile Turner, Stahlfolders, and a Stitchmaster ST-270. “Every equipment acquisition is strategically targeted and carefully planned. We’re not piecemealing our systems and services that we offer. Our approach is very intentional. We’ve truly learned to recognize and trust Heidelberg as our partner.”

Search for Stability

In addition to their suite of Heidelberg equipment, the commercial shop exclusively uses Heidelberg’s Saphira consumables including bio ink, aqueous coatings, blankets, fountain solution, press wash and most recently, IPR plates.

“A major benefit is that the new plate requires less water, which means less chemistry challenges and reduced drying time,” said Frank. “Minimizing drying time is hugely impactful for us and our customers because of the demanding turnaround times [an average of 24-72 hours] that we offer. We are a conventional shop that runs uncoated jobs, and we have to make sure we provide the best possible environment to aid in the manufacturing process.”

Prior to switching to Saphira consumables, the company saw a need to create more stability in its offset department. “Since integrating with Saphira, we’ve been able to maintain the level of stability needed in a G7 environment,” said Grendzinski. “For us, it goes far beyond the initial cost savings from the product alone. The added stability allows us to drive our costs down even further through shorter makereadies, less waste, more efficient drying time and increased operator confidence.”

The Turning Point

In November 2013, eDOC Communications sat down with a team of Heidelberg experts to discuss its existing business needs and vision for future success. According to Frank, a unique, strategic partnership was born in an effort to raise the bar, exceed customer expectations and fully integrate in prepress, press and postpress.

“We truly took a leap of faith,” said Grendzinski. “We ended long-standing relationships with certain vendors [some as many as 10 years] to partner with Heidelberg, and we haven’t looked back since. Every Heidelberg product and service is an extension of our commitment to our customers. We believe that our relationships with our customers are only as strong as our relationship with Heidelberg — the support we’ve gained is exceptional and never could have been achieved with another manufacturer.”

eDOC Communications is a full service commercial printing company specializing in print and marketing solutions. Since opening its doors in 1999, eDOC Communications has become a leader that provides print and technology with uncompromising integrity. With a high focus on quality and a unique blend of technology, eDOC is dedicated to providing leading customer service and adapting to the industry’s ever changing demands with nimble precision.


Hilary Rowser
PR & Marketing Specialist Tel.: 1-770-419-6518

Andy Rae Senior Vice President - Equipment and Marketing

Andy Rae
Senior Vice President - Equipment & Marketing Tel.: 770-419-6500

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