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Heidelberg has success with POLAR sales, Customers increase productivity


Kennesaw, Ga., – Heidelberg is having a highly successful year across its product portfolio exceeding quota in all business areas. More specifically, POLAR cutters and cutting systems sold exclusively by Heidelberg have produced positive business results for many customers.

“The reliability and uncompromising quality of POLAR has proven to be profitable for many customers,” said Bob Conboy, POLAR Product Manager. “Significant increases in productivity, efficiency and precision are boosting their bottom lines.”

An Upgrade in Postpress Means an Upgrade in Productivity

After 12 years with a competitive machine, Kappus Plastic Company (Hampton, NJ) turned to Heidelberg for a replacement that would produce precision, productivity and profitability. The company found itself spending too much money servicing the old machine and needed a replacement that could keep up with its customer driven demands in an ever changing industry.

Kappus Plastic Company approached Heidelberg with a need for specific accuracy requirements. The newly installed POLAR 176 PLUS, with its direct positioning spindle, self-locking worm gear and single arm true shear knife has offered the company “notable precision at a blinding pace.”

The POLAR 176 offers impressive makeready times and high efficiency with its easy operation. “We experienced a 20% increase in productivity right off the bat and are expecting a 30% increase down the line,” said Thomas Kappus, president.

With 45 years of experience, Kappus Plastic Company produces calendered rigid vinyl for a wide range of customers in various industries including banking, hospitality, media and retail. As a custom manufacturer, Kappus Plastic Company prides itself on delivering the highest quality material to its customers. The addition of the new cutter will allow the company to increase the value of their products and produce results right away.

“The things this machine could offer were too hard to pass up. We look at this machine as the first step towards our plans for growth,” said Kappus. “We fully expect to recuperate the costs in just a few years.”

Higher Value, Higher Quality, Higher Output

Zoo Printing, a trade printer in California, Kentucky and New Jersey, was searching for a solution to increase productivity and quality. The addition of a new POLAR Stand-Alone Die Cutter DC-M in all three of its locations means a significant increase in both areas.

With the addition of the POLAR DC-M, Zoo Printing is expecting a 40% increase in productivity and has moved from running three shifts per day, five days a week for its round corner jobs to only one shift per day, five days a week.

With the pre makeready of the die utilizing the universal frame and motorized precision adjustment, “We’re experiencing a higher quality cut and improved precision four times as fast,” said Ark Andoun, vice president of operations. “Our efficiency has accelerated as we’ve gone from cutting one corner at a time to cutting all four corners at once.”

Andoun says the POLAR DC-M is an “opportunity for growth and a leg up on competition with the increased capabilities of the machine.” With the option to cut specialty shapes, the new POLAR DC-M will allow the company to expand the types of jobs available to its customers and enter into new markets.

Zoo Printing offers a wide variety of services from design online to direct mail. With three locations across the US, Zoo Printing is dedicated to offering high quality, low prices and fast turnaround times to its customers.

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