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  • Exclusive use of Original Heidelberg Service Parts
  • Taylor-made service including upgrades, maintenance and repair

Updates and retrofitting.

Printing press and larger postpress system components bear a huge load on a daily basis under high-speed operating conditions. Paper feeding, inks and chemicals, the variety of substrates and high press speed involved in producing printed matter obviously wear control elements and therefore place certain limits on the shelf life of materials and their functionality.

Ensuring sustainable quality. The proven manufacturing quality of a Heidelberg press ensures years of productivity and high-grade print quality. But ongoing machinery maintenance and the functionality of individual assemblies have a decisive impact on the lifecycle of the whole system. This means that replacing used components as part of a reconditioning process is often inevitable after several years of operation. But ultimately this safeguards the quality of your machinery an production for years to come.

A comprehensive concept. Press reconditioning needs to be well planned. We offer a comprehensive service concept, which we develop in detail for you after an exhaustive inspection. We provide a whole range of different service modules for the long-term care of your machinery, graduated and tailored to your needs.

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