Transparent production.

Analyze Point.

Analyze Point provides numerous reports based on job and production data for anyone who wants to keep an eye on day-to-day production and also make longer-term decisions on the basis of key figures. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the jobs currently in production and the long-term production outlook.

Analyze Point processes operating data from the Prinect workflow (e.g. produced quantities and processing times) in real time and provides the results in clear graphics and numbers. The user can monitor a job’s processing progress as well as analyze machine behavior or a worker’s timesheet.

Numerous productivity ratios indicate trends in the company that require attention. The quality reports on the printed sheets assess how the color quality develops during the production run, for example.

Analyze Point provides a basis for optimizing production – the reports identify the points in the work process where there is scope to increase the production speed, production rate, or production savings.

  • Job tracking with detailed operation reports
  • Monitoring of the machine activities of platesetters, printing presses, and finishing equipment
  • Verification of the color quality of the run
  • Assessment of production trends using time, production, and output evaluations
  • Data acquisition and automatic evaluation in real time
  • Time recording in the worker’s timesheet

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