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Riesselmann print shop.

Speedmaster XL 106-5+L LE UV. Developing new markets through surface finishing on paper and plastic.

Staying competitive thanks to cutting-edge presses

“We have a long-standing partnership with Heidelberg and are always at the cutting edge thanks to ultramodern equipment that keeps us competitive and enables us to supply our customers with optimum products. Excellent service is also important to us, so we once again opted for the Systemservice 36plus service package for the new press,” explains Managing Director Hermann Riesselmann. Thanks to the Speedmaster XL 106-5+L with LE UV technology, the Riesselmann print shop in Lohne can now provide a greater range of finishes on a whole wealth of materials. “We’re looking to use the new Speedmaster XL 106 LE UV to move into new markets and offer even more surface finishes on both paper and plastic,” says Riesselmann. In operation since early summer, the new Speedmaster is impressing with high-quality results, especially on uncoated paper, and new applications such as full-area/spot UV gloss coatings and UV matt paste.

Now in the hands of the third generation of the family, the just under 20 employees of this print shop produce all kinds of high-quality commercial products for customers from the processing industry and the trade sector. Contract printing for a number of print shops with which Riesselmann maintains close links also accounts for a large proportion of business, with run sizes ranging from 200 to 100,000 sheets. The company also puts its faith in Heidelberg products when it comes to postpress.

Sustainable printing is important to both Riesselmann and its customers. The Speedmaster XL 106-5+L LE UV was ordered on a carbon-neutral basis, with 243 metric tons of CO2 being offset in a reforestation project in Togo. The energy-saving LE UV technology is therefore ideal for the print shop’s energy efficiency project. The press also requires less ink, no powder, and no protective coating, because the inks resist rubbing and remain secure on the sheet. “We offer the option of carbon offsetting for all print jobs and the new press has delivered significant savings,” says Riesselmann. The print shop uses only green electricity as a matter of principle. The print shop has big plans for the future – it intends to add an extra floor to the administrative building, develop additional marketing strategies, and invest in a second LE UV press – from Heidelberg, of course.

Riesselmann print shop, Germany

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