Pensord Press.

Speedmaster XL 105-8-P and Speedmaster XL 106-8-P+L. The four-to-eight-lead time to the production run makes the XL 106 simply amazing!

A Speedmaster XL hits the ground running

“If you want to be a player on the market, you need reliable reserve capacity and low costs at all times. This is where we’ve improved our position by 50 percent with Peak Performance class presses. However, it’s also equally important to cut setup times and here, too, the Speedmaster takes us right to the top.” Managing Director Darren Coxon is delighted with the investment in the Speedmaster XL 105 and XL 106. Operations Director Karl Gater adds: “With up to thirty job changes per shift, speed is key. Our four-to-eight-minute lead time to the production run with the XL is simply amazing!”

Pensord Press was founded in Pontllanfraith, Wales, in 1969. In 2010, Coxon and Gater took over the B2B print business following a management buyout. The company, which now has a 153-strong workforce, continues almost exclusively to print magazines. This has been augmented by additional distribution services for publishers. Pensord Press ships around thirty million magazines a year, nine million mailed directly to readers. But business has changed. In 2002, sales of £6 million were generated with 140 titles – now the figure is £13 million with 400 titles, which means three times the work for only double the sales. Coxon sees only one way here: “You have to get faster and more productive.”

With an average production speed of around 15,000* sheets an hour on the Speedmaster XL 105, Pensord Press is streets ahead, particularly given the relatively short runs averaging 6,000 sheets. The highly productive press prints and prints – around 55 million sheets a year!

*The maximum production speed of the Speedmaster XL 105-P was 15,000 Sheets per hour.

Pensord Press, UK

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