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Speedmaster XL 75 5+L Anicolor. Using unique technology to triple business in the next two years.

Only the best technology is good enough

“Once you’ve used the best technology – and that’s Anicolor – you can no longer simply make do with less,” said Lisa and Andrew Fuld from 4 Color Press (4CP). Seven years and 103 million sheets after taking their first Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor into operation in 2007, the owners of the Texas print shop remains a fervent champion of short inking unit technology. “We outgrew the press and literally had no more capacity,” said Fuld. This prompted the investment in a new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor. “What used to take us 16 to 18 hours to produce on the SM 52 now takes five hours on the larger press. Our aim is to cut throughput times further,” explains Fuld. “At this rate, we can triple our business in the next two years.”

The B2B company, founded in 2004, is committed to short throughput times and combines the speed and responsiveness of a small company with the quality standards of a large offset print shop. 4CP is known both at home and abroad for multiple-version print jobs. Customers come from the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth region and across the country. Processes at 4CP are also geared toward maximum efficiency. One helpful monitoring tool is Prinect Benchmarking software. “This enables us to compare our press with others and shows exactly where potential exists for even greater productivity and efficiency,” said the Fulds.

At the heart of the print shop’s operations is the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor, which is used to produce jobs with 50 sheets or more, while large-volume print jobs tend to be rare. With the XL 75 Anicolor, handling setup, makeready, and over 300 complete plate changes is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. For example, we were recently asked to produce 168 versions of a pocket folder in volumes of 100 to 1,000. With Anicolor’s five-minute plate changes and 15 sheets of setup waste, we were able to complete over 25 versions per shift – and with outstanding print quality thanks to the extremely stable inking,” adds Fuld. The green credentials also fit with 4CP’s environmental approach, with up to 90 percent less paper waste. The company itself has a remarkably small carbon footprint and operates on an area of approximately 1,400 m2 in interconnected converted shipping containers – a space-saving design based on structures that Fuld saw in Perugia in Italy.

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