Speedmaster XL 75-5 LE UV. 30 to 40 percent higher output thanks to the innovative DryStar technology LE UV.

The perfect solution for fast throughput times

“The attraction of going LE-UV is the ease with which uncoated stocks can be handled and the visual look, the brighter results you get because there is less ink absorption into the paper. We are a specialist in short run; fast turnaround work so being able to finish jobs straight from the press is a great advantage. We expect 30-40 percent increase in output”, says Dan Bakewell, managing director. Although ink costs are higher for LE-UV the process also reduces energy consumption and spray powder costs. For Fine Print Services there is another factor. “The biggest cost saving in taking the LE-UV route will be in coating. All our work is coated but that won’t be needed with dry sheets off the LE-UV press,” says Dan Bakewell.

Since 1991, Fine Print Services attributes its success to focusing on quality and excellent customer services. It works for a range of business customers including pharmaceutical and household brands and prestigious brands like Goodwood. It prints promotional brochures, leaflets and branded stationery through to exhibition materials.

Fine Print Services is a loyal Heidelberg consumables user and Dan Bakewell says that using this single source approach will ensure there is hand-holding as the company beds in the new technology. All the Saphira consumables that Heidelberg supplies are pre-tested on the relevant equipment. The Speedmaster XL 75-5 LE-UV will run in tandem with a three year old conventional XL 75-5. The new press will feature the new Wallscreen XL and Intellistart 2 software that, combined with Prinect Inpress Control 2, empowers the press to automate much more and leaves the operator to “push to stop” rather than pushing to start operations. “Prinect Inpress Control 2 has made a huge difference in terms of set up and colour quality and we understand that the latest version is even faster and cuts even more start up waste,” says Dan Bakewell.

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