Speedmaster SX 74-4-H LE UV. The perfect choice for a one-man print shop.

A true all-rounder

“I decided on the Speedmaster SX 74-4-H LE UV from Heidelberg because it meets all my requirements perfectly. I can use it to print on all types of paper, as well as on plastics. Ink application is another major plus-point – it can go up to 400%! I can also use the LE UV dryer for a range of different applications. And before this, I used a Printmaster PM 74-4 for seven years without it ever breaking down,” says Frederik Hollevoet, Managing Director at Hdruk. “For two years, I consulted everyone – manufacturers, colleagues, suppliers, and competitors, both in Belgium and beyond. In the end, I opted for the Speedmaster SX 74. This was by far the most cost-effective solution for someone who works for himself.”

Drukkerij Hollevoet – now known as Hdruk – is no ordinary print shop. Neither Frederik, the company’s current Managing Director, nor his father Guido, its founder, ever trained as printers. What’s more, the company is run with minimal personnel – in fact, it is restricted to Frederik and his father, or sometimes even just one of the two. Hdruk started in Ichtegem, between Torhout and Oostende, in 1983, when Guido Hollevoet decided to open a copy shop as part of his electronics business. However, Hdruk soon switched over to its current business model, and began printing jobs exclusively for colleagues, advertising agencies, and companies with an in-house graphics department responsible for layout. In the meantime, the company has relocated to an industrial park near Bruges.

“I’m not worried about digital printing and web-to-print. The way I work means I can print products at lower cost and in half the time usually required. In the 100 to 5,000+ copy range, no online print shop can offer what I can – not at the same price and not at the speed I can deliver at. I enjoy the pressure and have everything I need to continue independently. Since I work for myself, my flexibility knows no bounds, even when it comes to working at night or the weekend. I keep to the commitments I make and my customers know that. My success has proved us right. And my Speedmaster SX 74 provides the perfect support,” says Hollevoet.

Hdruk, BE

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