When it comes to defining ink curves, washup programs,
dryer settings or powder quantities,
an intelligent, self-improving algorithm
will always be able to take decisions faster
and more efficiently than a human.

Artificial Intelligence features
in the new Speedmaster.

The Artificial intelligence features embedded in the new generation of Speedmaster presses rely on intelligent and self-improving algorithms that can automatically configure complex production parameters which previously, had to be manually defined by “humans”.

This is how these AI features work: during production, all settings and quality measurements are first collected and then automatically evaluated. Regular data patterns are identified and their effect on the production result is learned. The insights are used to optimize the efficiency and quality of upcoming production.

Autonomous process optimization:

Preset 2.0.

Available mainly in the feeder and the delivery of the new Speedmaster presses, Preset 2.0 is set of Artificial intelligence features that makes decisions independently and learns continuously. It uses the data pool of the installed base to detect patterns, identify potential, and generate basic settings (default values) that increase the efficiency of print production – autonomously and without human influence.

For Preset 2.0, data from over 600,000 print jobs was analyzed using an algorithm and continuously improved. An improvement in productivity of up to five percent is possible on the basis of the new characteristic curves and settings alone.

Self-learning color setting:

Color Assistant Pro.

The Color Assistant Pro software permits continuous, precise optimization of the ink presetting on the press and absolute precision during ink metering. The ink zones are automatically adapted to the status of the ink fountain liner. The intelligent algorithm learns autonomously by performing target/actual comparisons of the settings and automatically specifies new ink zone characteristic curves after a job finishes. Color Assistant Pro avoid mistakes due to manual handling and achieves increased performance independently of the operator.

Optimum powder setting:

Powder Assistant.

The innovative Powder Assistant achieves consistent print quality with less powder and therefore also less cleaning time. The intelligent tool independently selects the optimal presetting based on the color assignment and substrate.

Intelligent washup programming:

Wash Assistant.

Up to now, the operator decided subjectively which washup program to use. With Wash Assistant, the machine makes the decision. The intelligent Wash Assistant chooses the objective best washup program based on the ink, substrate, and other parameters.

Artificial intelligence (AI) simplifies workflows,
enables more accurate prognoses, and creates
new, data-based business models. It enables
faster decisions on the basis of a wide range of data
and real-time information as well as prognoses
beyond human capabilities.

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