The automated ink supply system for short makeready times and lower ink consumption.

InkStar and InkStar Direct.

  • Cartridge system based on a global standard
  • Cartridges that support ink changes
  • Sensor control for a stable ink level
  • Ink level in each ink fountain can be changed individually at the Prinect Press Center
  • Virtually complete emptying of cartridges reduces ink consumption
  • Visual and audible signals at the Prinect Press Center and printing unit that a cartridge needs to be changed
  • Special lightproof cartridges available for UV printing

The automated ink supply system for short makeready times and lower ink consumption.

With its internationally standardized two-kilogram cartridge, InkStar® gives you all the benefits of fully automatic ink feed without having to sacrifice the flexibility of being able to change the ink. Virtually all offset inks are available in these cartridges and they can be inserted in the InkStar unit in just a few simple steps.

InkStar uses a sensor system to continuously check the level of the ink in the ink fountain and adds ink from the cartridges if necessary. This ensures stable ink density from the first sheet to the last. Filling all ink fountains simultaneously shortens makeready times. The sensor system also records the ink level in the cartridge. Visual and audible messages provide plenty of warning that a cartridge will soon need to be changed. The fact that cartridges can be emptied almost completely reduces ink consumption, waste, and the number of cartridges that need to be purchased.

With InkStar Direct, you can use a valve insert linked to a central ink supply instead of the cartridge. This enables you to benefit from economy-size containers.

The CAN connection also enables InkStar to be operated via the Prinect Press Center.

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