The tape inserter system with counting and marking function.


  • Integrated system for highest functionality and reliability
  • Counting and marking function in one device allow a great variety of utilizations
  • Counting function with tape insertion according to defined counting intervals for shortening subsequent process steps
  • Marking function as another element of the quality assurance. The operator can select the predefined events
  • Marking of sheets with errors in the print image is possible in conjunction with Prinect Inspection Control
  • Individually configurable position for easy processing

The tape inserter system with counting and marking function.

InsertStar is the tape inserter system integrated into the delivery. It combines a run counting function and a marking function for waste sheets in a single device – all controlled via the Prinect Press Center. These functions make InsertStar unique on the market. It can be optionally installed on the front side, driving or operating side.

All counting settings are easy to configure at the Prinect Press Center. On reaching the selected counting interval, a tape is automatically inserted into the delivery pile from the front, which shortens subsequent process steps. The tape inserter’s technology has been designed for absolute reliability. A robust stainless steel configuration and a maintenance-free pneumatic knife ensure this level of reliability is maintained, even after 100,000 cuts. Low maintenance costs are an additional benefit.

The marking function inserts tapes into the delivery pile when certain incidents occur. You yourself can use the Prinect Press Center to select which incidents result in sheets being marked. For example, you can mark sheets with incomplete printing when restarting the press after jams. The system also detects and marks malfunctions of other units that impact on the print image. Alternatively, errors in the print image can be detected visually and marked in conjunction with Prinect Inspection Control.

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