Heidelberg Advantage Program – Rewards Program for Saphira Consumables Customers

Two years ago Heidelberg launched its Online Shop, allowing customers to order Saphira consumables online and take advantage of 24/7 access to suit their production schedules, and also utilise saved custom shopping lists to speed up the ordering process. "Ordering consumables via the Online Shop has become the norm for many of our customers," says Bill Wall, General Manager Consumables for Heidelberg Australia/New Zealand.

"It suits many smaller print shops because they can't always leave their presses during the day if there are a few people working in the factory. They need to do all their ordering after hours, and the Online Shop is deal for this. For larger operations it suits because so many purchasing functions are automated these days, and we need to be offering the same level of service as all of their other suppliers," Wall adds.

"We launched the Heidelberg Advantage Program at PacPrint. One of the main themes for us at the show was HEI Value and HEI Performance, and central to this message is the added value customers can take advantage of when they purchase equipment or supplies from Heidelberg. Be it our superior customer support network, or our standard extended warranty on all new presses, we continue to support and work with our customers in many way long after their equipment has been installed.

The Heidelberg Advantage program works like many other consumer reward programs, in that customers will earn points for each dollar spent on Saphira consumables ordered through the Heidelberg Online Shop, and those points can be redeemed for a range of rewards; from iPods to Apple Macs, from satellite navigators to plasma televisions.

We hope to reward our customers who already use the Online Shop and attract new customers to the Online Shop and Saphira consumables. Our consumables business has grown steadily over the past few years, and part of our growth plan has included the launch of a reward program. I'm excited about how it will be received."

To request your Heidelberg Advantage Program sign-up kit, or to apply for a Heidelberg Online Shop account, please click here .

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