The Easymatrix 106 FC can be used both as a conventional die-cutter or as a finishing machine for hot-foil jobs.

The Easymatrix 106 FC is the perfect machine, if you like to widen your packaging portfolio with hot foil stamping. Additional to the cutting station, it is equipped with a hot foil unit, which enables you to install three to six longitudinal and up to two transversal foil feeding shafts. The Hot Foil Computer System helps to speed up the foil adjustment and keep an eye on the parameters while running the machine.

At a glance

  • High machine speed: 7,500 sheets per hour
  • High die-cutting pressure: up to 260 metric tons
  • 20 individually adjustable heating zones
  • High flexibility by a foil path longitudinal and optionally transversal to the direction of sheet travel
  • Easy setup and saving of foil-relevant data on separate computer system
  • Easy foil changing from the operator side, thanks to telescopic foil feeding bars
  • Non-stop function in feeder and delivery
  • The basic model is already equipped with all functions and options to start hot-foil embossing or die-cutting

Technical data

Performance Data
Sheet size (max.) 750 x 1,060 mm
Cutting pressure (max.) 260 t
Machine speed (max.)7,500 s/h
Hot Foil Stamping
Temperature (max.) 180 ° C
Number of heating zones 20
Number of foil feeding shafts 3 – 6 longitudinal
1 – 2 transversal

Easymatrix 106 FC brochure

The Easymatrix 106 FC is manufactured by Masterwork and exclusively distributed and backed up by the professionaland renowned, worldwide sales- and service network of Heidelberg.

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