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Control module ACC 2.4.

With the digital control module ACC 2.4, you can control gate fold buckle plates, gluing devices and EAP heads for timed perforation exactly. The integration of these operations in the folding process increases the value of your folding production.

Digital control module ACC 2.4

The digital control module ACC 2.4 is clearly arranged an with its graphical symbols easy to handle. So you can control up to two gate fold buckle plates, glue valves or EAP-heads accurately. Your advantage: The triggering is path-dependent and working independent of the machine speed. Therefore, following optimizations on the machine’s speed don’t constrain you to re-adjust the settings of the control unit.

For example, the production of double gate folds is made much easier. In short set-up time and in combination with the gate fold buckle plate FFP the flaps can be as close together as 0.5 to 1 mm at 15,000 cycles/h. Not at least because of the reduced investment costs compared to conventional control devices for a specific application, the control module ACC 2.4 assures full flexibility for the production of demanding folding applications.

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