This is because the kinds of critical speeds at which faults are likely to occur in the folding process are not actually necessary to achieve output of over 18,000 sheets per hour when producing 16-page signatures in A4 format.

This innovative concept makes the Stahlfolder TX 96 folding system an absolute peak performance machine. The combination of oblong format processing and shingled folding pairs two methods of increasing performance in one machine. The result is optimum efficiency – a completely new level of performance in industrial signature folding.

This peak performance is easily accessible to you. This is because the machine configuration comprising two folding stations with six buckle plates and pre-assembled slitter shafts is optimally coordinated and designed for the highest productivity. The folding programs together with all fine adjustments and the Air Management settings can be saved and quickly called back up for repeat jobs.

The secret to the success of the Stahlfolder TX 96 is therefore increasing the performance while keeping the machine speed the same through shingled folding and oblong format processing. The Stahlfolder TX 96 can be operated by one person when combined with the palamides alpha 700 hd stack delivery and automatic stacking with the Polar Transomat. This is how your folding machine keeps up with the performance of your press. Guaranteed.


Feeder (1)
Modular control system MCT (2)
Folding units (3)
Folding rollers (4)
Buckle plates (5)
Slitter shafts (6)
45°-Undercarriage (7)
Pneumatic twin-lay device (8)
Delivery (9)
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