With its unrivaled level of automation, the Stahlfolder KH 82 is our best-selling folding machine. No wonder, since its wide variety of materials, fast makeready times, and ease of operation make it a good fit for almost every print shop.

We are now adding innovative, digital concepts for networking and machine integration to the Stahlfolder KH 82 "Ease of Use" edition, available at a very special price.*​

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Remote expert instruction

Receive, now for the first time, free expert knowledge from the Ludwigsburg factory with your new Stahlfolder KH 82 - Ease of Use! Take advantage of this additional knowledge and increase your productivity at the folding machine in the shortest possible time. And all this comfortably by remote. But be quick: this offer is limited in time!*

*Applies to the first 10 Ease of Use customers from order entry October 2021 in Ludwigsburg.

Stahlfolder PFH pallet feeder

The Stahlfolder PFH 82 pallet feeder delivers reliable sheet separation at a rate of up to 35,000 cycles per hour thanks to the tried-and-tested Tremat sheet separator. Also on board: the AirstreamTable suction belt table. The patented** air control system ensures reliable alignment of the sheets, even with extremely wide formats and challenging papers. The rule with setpoint/actual display permits easy, fast, and precise adjustment.

Last-minute short-run orders can also be flexibly processed thanks to the pile table with stop rod for ergonomic stacking by hand.

Automated parallel fold unit with 4 or 6 buckle plates​

The parallel fold unit is available with either 4 or 6 buckle plates, depending on your requirements. ​

Buckle plate stops, folding angles, and folding roller gaps can all be adjusted automatically. The spindle buckle plates permit extremely precise adjustment of all stops. Specific settings can be saved and called up again at any time. The folding machine is operated via a centrally mounted touchscreen with an intuitive user interface.

The parallel folding unit is followed by a pair of slitter shafts. The slitter shaft lift shown is available as an option.

The product-specific buckleplate settings - width, lower lip position and pre-tensioning - can be conveniently adjusted from the outside and synchronously from one side without having to stop the machine.

One-of-a-kind cross-fold unit in KTL design

The cross-fold unit of the Stahlfolder KH 82 offers first-class folding technology thanks to numerous patented features**. For example, the integrated sheet stop ensures outstanding folding quality, even at high production speeds and with delicate papers. This cross-fold unit's level of automation is the highest of all Stahlfolder combination folders.

Most popular fold types can be realized using the two knife-folding units and the horizontal buckle plate after the first knife-folding unit.

Connect your production - Get smart, earn money​

The new Stahlfolder KH 82 - Ease of Use is now also smart. ​

For the digital connection, you have the choice between the Prinect workflow connection or the Postpress Data Ready production data acquisition system. Increase your flexibility with both systems through higher planning accuracy and always keep an eye on your machine performance data.​

In addition, with the electric tablet preparation you can operate the settings of your folding machine from any position in your production.

Pick the right delivery for you

You can choose the optional delivery from our entire portfolio.​

But don't miss the one-time chance to get our delivery package “Flex” at a special price: a fully automatic palamides alpha hd 50 pile delivery with Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41. For faster and easier fold type changes!

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Here’s what our customers have to say.

Compared to the folding machine we had before, the Stahlfolder KH 82 ensures a remarkable improvement in productivity. Even when setting up complex fold types, the machine is ready for production very quickly thanks to a simple and self-explanatory operator guidance. After the automatic changeover, manual re-adjustments are no longer necessary.”

Urs Büschlen, department manager Hertig+Co. AG, Switzerland

Stahlfolder KH 82 - "Ease of Use" Edition & Flex delivery package

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