Maskmatrix 200


The Maskmatrix series products are based on the technical experience of Masterwork Group Co., Ltd. and are scientifically designed with high-quality imported machinery and electrical components to ensure that the equipment runs stably, efficiently, safely and durable.

This machine is mainly used for automatic production of flat mask, automatic forming through coil feeding, automatic feeding, cut off of nose bridge strips and coils, cut off edges of the mask, folding and flattening, ultrasonic welding fusion, molding, automated ultrasonic welding ears belts.


  • High stability, low failure rate, beautiful and solid aluminum alloy structure, not rusty
  • Computer PLC programming control and servo drive
  • The whole machine adopts automatic operation from feeding to finished products
  • Ultrasonic welding technology, high efficiency and energy saving
  • Sensor detection and automatic counting function


Coil feeding device

  • The aluminum alloy structure makes the size small, stable and efficient
  • Coil tension control function
  • Portable adjustment function
  • Sensor detection of raw material

Edge folding device

  • Fabric flatten mechanism
  • Nose bridge strips cutting
  • Guiding wire hemming

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Folding and forming device

  • Anodized surface makes the running smooth, no burrs and no dust
  • High folding consistency and stable operation

Ultrasonic heat-sealing system

  • Ultrasonic welding machine
  • Stable and efficient proven technology
  • Adjustable pressing force
  • Sharp and durable alloy slitter

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Double-line connection machine

  • Scientific production line connection
  • Automatic control

Earband welding machine

  • Ultrasonic welding machine
  • Full Servo automatic control
  • Safety protection device

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