Non-Stop Feeder

  • Suction head for paper, board and corrugated board
  • Suction head with quick positioning function
  • Pile platform with motorized side pile alignment
  • Mechanical double sheet detection

Systems Engineering

  • Touch Screen for machine operation
  • Local operations panels
  • CE conformity, GS certificate

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Feed Table

  • Register system
  • Central adjustment system for rollers and brushes
  • Pull/push side lay on both sides
  • Four front lays with active optical monitoring
  • Sheet slow down device

Cutting Station

  • Register system
  • Motorized cutting pressure adjustment
  • Cutting plate fine adjustment
  • Air cushion for easy cutting plate handling
  • Quick lock chase
  • Chase Changer (optional)

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Stripping Station

  • Quick lock device for middle stripping board
  • Electronic sheet monitoring
  • Quick lock frame (optional)
  • Pre-make-ready table (optional)


  • Non-stop rake
  • Pneumatic flap for test sheet removal
  • Sheet size adjustment with position indicators
  • Sheet brake brush
  • Tape inserter (optional)

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