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European launch for Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco


  • Charging systems also available in France, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain
  • Wallbox Energy Control with integrated load management presented
  • Wallbox Home Eco performs impressively in ADAC Comparison Test

The demand for electric vehicles is now gaining momentum in the core markets of Europe also. In response, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has commenced European sales of its charging technology for hybrid and electric vehicles on the back of two years of market success in Germany. The Heidelberg Wallbox EU charging systems are also available to order with immediate effect in France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Holland via Amazon as well as the international website www.heidelberg-wallbox.eu operated by Leuchtmittelmarkt Räbel e. K. The Heidelberg Wallbox Europe is approved for all European countries (except Norway) outside Germany. Leuchtmittelmarkt Räbel e. K. is a specialist in lighting and electrical engineering, and is the European sales partner for Heidelberg’s charging technology.

New Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with integrated load management enables simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles
Several thousand customers already impressed by Heidelberg charging technology
About the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco

Masahiro Kaneko

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