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The Integrated Workflow: the Key to Success


Creating a printed product means putting together a whole raft of individual processes - from job costing to production planning and from prepress, press and finishing to delivering the finished product and invoicing. If you want to succeed on the market today, you have to manage these processes efficiently and be in complete control of the workflow. That is why future-focused companies are trying to cover this production chain as fully as possible and position themselves as complete media service providers to their customers.

In this business, it is particularly important to keep cost aspects in check. Anything which can have an adverse effect on the workflow and thus the income of a print shop has to be carefully controlled. As a rule, the weak points lie at the interfaces between the various parts of a print shop's own workflows and those of its customers and suppliers. In concrete terms, order processing, prepress, press and finishing still operate largely separately from one another. As a result, communication between the individual areas is not always seamless and the only uniform data basis is the job ticket. This means a lot of checking up and additional work, which costs time and money and - when it comes down to it - just is not cost-effective enough these days.

Integrated solutions for print production
The solution is not just to seamlessly link up all the steps within the production chain, but also to connect these to the workflows throughout the management process. Process integration reduces or even eliminates unnecessary operator input, delivering considerably greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Automated print production with Prinect - the comprehensive workflow management system from Heidelberg.
The name "Prinect" marries the two words "print" and "connect". It integrates and optimizes the workflows in print shops - right the way from management to production and from prepress to finishing. The finely tuned interaction of the various Prinect components boosts the efficiency of production workflows, offers greater process transparency and thus accelerates the entire job flow. Prinect makes a major contribution to helping companies fully realize their potential for rationalization and optimization, thus enhancing the performance of the print shop and achieving greater profit margins.

A modular, open system
Since every print shop has its own specific needs, Prinect is not designed as a standard product but rather as a modular solution. This means that you can add Prinect components at any time, adapting the workflow to the needs of your business. All Prinect components are based on open standards like PDF (Portable Document Format), PPF (Print Production Format) and JDF (Job De.nition Format), so they can be integrated easily with your existing, tried-and-tested hardware and software components (even if they come from third-party suppliers).

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