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In terms of print quality, the low-energy UV process really comes into its own with uncoated papers.

LE UV process for commercial printing – a ground-breaking solution for the A3 format, too

The low-energy (LE) UV process gives commercial printers new possibilities for the process-optimized manufacture of print products with a wider range of applications.

LE UV technology is designed for newcomers to UV printing. Commercial print shops using the A3 format are benefiting from this development and are able to provide their customers with exceptional print products faster and more flexibly. 

LE UV technology makes it possible to respond to the growing demand for uncoated papers. Instant drying as in digital printing, even with difficult substrates, enables immediate transfer to postpress. Unusual substrates and special-effect coating applications extend the portfolio further still. The print quality of the low-energy UV process is impressive. With uncoated papers in particular, images and graphics benefit from enhanced color brilliance.

The LE UV process from Heidelberg is intended for innovative commercial printers who want to offer their customers something special. In view of ever shorter run lengths and the extremely tight timeframes for processing orders, LE UV delivers key benefits for the process.

Rapid drying paves the way for instant, problem-free finishing - with minimal powder consumption and no need to go to the trouble of applying a protective coating.

Commercial printers are only able to use LE UV technology thanks to special consumables (highly reactive inks) and the use of ozone-free UV lamps. The inks comply with the Process Standard for Offset Printing (PSO) and have key advantages over conventional inks for print shops with no previous UV experience. Thanks to their runability, quality, high gloss levels, and reduced ink application, they require only minor adjustments and/or standardizations in prepress.

In addition to delivering high quality in a short space of time, they therefore also save on energy costs. Many customers using the A3 format have already been won over, a fact they confirm in user reports.

Success Stories

Many customers using the A3 format have already been won over, a fact they confirm in user reports.

DryStar LE UV

LE UV process for commercial printing

Star System

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