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Saphira Inks

We supply inks for both conventional and UV applications. These range from CMYK process sets to customized color matches.

Inks have evolved as presses have become longer, faster, and more automated, and as more sophisticated inking systems have become necessary for more accurate application with less waste. Choosing the right ink is critical to ensure stable workflows and the highest quality of the finished product: This is why we recommend using Saphira inks.
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Saphira Eco Characteristics

Straight printing

Saphira Ink Classic 100 All-round process ink series with fast setting properties and an excellent ink/water balance. Suitable for the latest-generation of presses as well for older presses
Saphira Ink Classic 200 Modern universal series designed for the widest possible range of applications. Contains mineral oil. Suitable for most absorbing substrates
Saphira Ink Classic Speed Duct-fresh, fast setting process ink series, optimally suited for fast running presses. Offers excellent rub resistance and printing sharpness. Enables rapid processing
Saphira Ink Classic Speed 200 Especially developed for modern high speed presses. Offers excellent ink/water balance, superior rub resistance and is fast-setting
Saphira Ink Classic Speed 400 Offers fast inking-up and very low misting on modern high speed presses
Saphira Ink Universal Star 200 Offers maximum rub resistance, excellent carbonizing fastness, good gloss and an outstanding printing contrast, thus ensuring high quality printing as well as a fast processing
Saphira Ink Universal Star 400 High productivity sheetfed offset ink. Specially formulated for fast processing straight printing and fast finishing

Perfecting printing

Saphira Ink Extreme 200 Saphira Eco
Modern intense all-round series designed for the widest possible range of applications. Free of mineral oil, based on renewable raw materials
Saphira Ink Excel Saphira Eco
Color-intense, vegetable oil-based ink series for very high-speed presses. Among its strengths: excellent drying properties and printing precision, fast finishing, and very good rub resistance
Saphira Ink Excel 200 Saphira Eco
Vegetable oil-based process ink series with excellent gloss and rub resistance. Offers outstanding runnability and ink/water balance
Saphira Ink Excel 400 Saphira Eco
Offers fast inking-up and very low misting on modern high speed presses. Enables fast absorption and drying on most substrates
Saphira Ink Expert 200 Saphira Eco
Modern, high intensive all-round series based on renewable raw materials, designed for the widest possible range of applications
Saphira Ink Extreme Saphira Eco
Top quality sheetfed offset inks for 4-color process printing, ideally suited for printing according to ISO 12647-2
Saphira Ink Universal Bio 100 Saphira Eco
Duct-fresh ink series based on renewable raw materials, offering quick setting properties and very high process stability

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