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Linoprint L (iTS6oo): The modular digital printing system for label and foil printing

Linoprint L (iTS6oo)
The new Linoprint L allows Heidelberg to expand its digital capabilities in the label and foil printing market. With high-quality DoD technology and energy efficient UV-LED curing the Linoprint L gives you the competitive edge when it comes to printing the demanding short and medium print runs. With speeds of up to 48m/min and a resolution of 600x600dpi the Linoprint L can have a tremendous impact on your production throughput and at the same time maintain the premium quality your customers are looking for.

The Linoprint L supports a wide range of printing substrates. This enables a great variety of applications, ranging from high-quality commodity labels, shipping labels, labels for vehicles, electronic and technical labels, industrial labels, shelf labels, texts on foils, tickets amd forms. It is also possible to use paper, plastic, foils and other special substrates.

Printing is done with four colors (CMYK) coupled with intermediate UV-LED curing (pinning), to assure high print quality. Due to the modularity of the Linoprint L, other print combinations can be implemented on request; for example, it is possible to configure the Linoprint L as a six-color (Hexachrome) printing system. By incorporating a wider print head technology, the Linoprint L not only can achieve the various widths available by utilizing less print heads, but also maintains an extremely high level of efficiency, consuming less ink to produce a given image while maintaining a high degree of reliability. This impacts the whole printing process in a highly positive manner.

Stand-alone or integrated into the production process
The Linoprint L digital printing system can be used either as stand-alone version or, on request, integrated seamlessly into your production process (near-line). This means that the Linoprint L digital printing system allows you the flexibility to optimize your production process by maximizing your configuration options, e.g. in combination with digital laser die-cutting.

Simply digital printing
The compact and efficient design of the Linoprint L digital printing system supports highest requirements and assures maximum quality throughout the entire production process.. The Linoprint L clearly incorporates the highest manufacturing specifications required in the pharmaceutical marketplace.

The Linoprint L digital printing system 100% print quality control ensures that what is printed, matches what was requested. During the printing process any operator intervention or equipment stoppage can be easily resolved within seconds while avoiding loss of images and unprinted labels. The automatic speed adaptation of the entire printing system guarantees the quality of the printed image at all times. The Linoprint L digital printing system achieves optimal quality regardless of the type of image being printed, including both variable data and heavy photographic coverage.

The Linoprint L digital printing system allows the operator to quickly and easily clean and maintain the digital print heads. The cleaning process can be set up to be performed automatically by the Linoprint L digital printing system or manually as needed by the operator. This sophisticated cleaning procedure ensures a high quality trouble-free print process.

Make ready and printing are extremely easy. Based on your workflow or specific color-critical print applications the Linoprint L digital printing system has the flexibility to offer multiple DFEs (Digital Front Ends). Through practical process automation the Linoprint L digital printing system enables fast make-readys and smooth integration into your production environment.

Due to its low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the Linoprint L digital printing system is your solution for variable data applications and short to medium print runs.

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