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LinoColor 6.0 with New Features for Color Management and Copix


LinoColor, the professional scanning, image processing and integrated Color Management software from Heidelberg, is now available in a new version - LinoColor 6.0.

The update features a range of improvements, particularly in its Color Management performance and the Copix function. In addition to its classical application as a scanner operating program for Heidelberg drum and flatbed scanners, LinoColor 6.0 is also an impressive stand-alone product for image processing. Image data can be optimized, corrected, sharpened, scaled, separated and stored productively and at an excellent level of quality. With its Color Matching Methode (CMM), the ICC Profile Editor and its softproof options, LinoColor 6.0 is the leading Color Management program.

The Color Management facility in LinoColor 6.0 has been further developed and made even more convenient to use. It is now possible to read and generate "Embedded ICC Profile" image data (ICC = International Color Consortium), which is now being encountered with increasing frequency in modern workflows. Until now, the ICC profiles embedded in the files alongside the image data have had to be manually assigned, which can lead to errors. Now the scanned fine-resolution data with the relevant ICC profile attached can be output in a single file. This considerably improves the workflow for applications such as Photoshop 5.0, Quark XPress 4.0 and Helios OPI 2.0.

With the integrated ICC profile editor, ICC output profiles, ICC monitor profiles and ICC input profiles can be individually modified in LCH mode. The ICC output profiles can also be color corrected in CMYK mode prior to output. This is of particular use to printshops who want to precisely tune their output profiles to their presses. But it is equally useful for matching monitors to customer-specific standards.

The user can select his ICC profiles at a glance from the "Profile Setup" window. This simplifies operation. LinoColor 6.0 now also features selectable Gray and RGB profiles for simulating the print preview. The softproof can be visualized and inspected in all modes (RGB, Gray, CMYK). A further improvement in LinoColor 6.0 is the "PrintTableEditor ICC", which is now based on ICC profiles rather than the LinoColor print tables used in the past.

The RegisterAssistant is now available for the TOPAZ Copix flatbed scanner, which is used to redigitize screened originals. The RegisterAssistant supports the existing CopixAssistant in the same way as on the TANGO Copix drum scanner. While the CopixAssistant calculates screen ruling, screen angle and basic film density, the RegisterAssistant analyzes the register marks on the lithos, automatically aligns the color separations and prevents register errors during mounting. All that is needed is to precisely scan in between two and four register marks.

A Mac OS 8.5 operating system is required to run LinoColor 6.0. This system offers improved and simplified file access and enables the operator to customize his own user interface. This version provides excellent support during scanning, image processing and the entire Color Management process.

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